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State Lead

I am extremely passionate about youth activism and strongly believe in the importance of the Equal Rights Amendment and gender equality. As State Lead, I manage chapter development, help brainstorm & lead campaigns, and strategize platform growth to spread awareness & support for our cause. Outside of GRVA, I also work with Youth Climate Strike Virginia, MFOL Virginia, Voters of Tomorrow, We Support The Girls, YHS SASA, ECDC, & several other organizations. I’m so excited to continue to work hard with GRVA to further our reach and pursue gender equality in Virginia!


Outreach Director

Hello there! I’ve always had a deep love for activism and youth-led organizations like Generation Ratify! I believe ratifying the Equals Right Amendment to ensure gender equality and eliminate discrmantion on the basis of sex is vital to our society. As your outreach director I will work diligently to collaborate with my team, peers, and Pro-ERA organizations to ensure our voices are heard and unified! Aside from Generation ratify I write for the Vanguard, run a club called Cope, and Debate club. I’m thrilled to continue working for GRVA and see where this journey takes us!

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Communication Director

Hey everyone! I’m Tejas and I’m super excited to be a part of Generation Ratify VA! As Communications Director, you can find me writing op-eds or publicizing the amazing work we’re doing. I’m involved in the local Democratic party, am the editor-in-chief of my school’s newspaper and co-captain of the debate team. In my free time, I love to watch TV (Tiger King and Madame Secretary are my favorites) and eat food (even though I suck at cooking 😄)


Communications & Policy Deputy

I am passionate about many causes including gender equality and climate justice. I believe in the power of youth activism and collective movements. I also work with Zero Hour, Polluters Out, Youth Activism Project, and Access The Polls. I also bring my identity as Latina and indigenous to the table when working on these issues. I hope to bring about a better Virginia through working with Generation Ratify. I am super excited to build this movement with all of these wonderful people!

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Policy Director

I am highly passionate about the power of the youth in activism and (finally!) ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment to guarantee equal rights on the basis of sex. As Policy Director, I will research legislation and candidates that will enable us to ratify the ERA and I will work with other Directors to plan events that will help us pass pro-ERA policy and elect pro-ERA candidates. Along with GRVA, I take part in many local and statewide Democratic events, I am a large part of my MUN club, and I assisted in founding a debate club at my school. I cannot wait for the day when we are all able to celebrate together when we ratify the ERA after all of our hard work!


Logistics Director

I’m super excited to work with everyone in Generation Ratify VA to bring change and educate others about the importance of activism and the ERA! As Logistics Director, I plan events like fundraisers & lobbying days, put together events to educate & mobilize, and manage finances! I’m going into my senior year of high school as captain of my gymnastics team and hope to do gymnastics at the collegiate level.



Co Education Director

I am beyond excited to work with Generation Ratify VA to enshrine gender equality in our constitution! As a Co-Education Director, I work to create educational materials about the ERA and create partnerships with outside organizations on campaigns. I have a huge interest in the intersectionality of gender equality and Judaism and outside of Generation Ratify I am involved in a jewish youth organization called TRSTY where I create social action programing to educate jewish teens in my community. I am also passionate about poetry, playing the trumpet and can be found hiking or listening to NPR podcasts in my free time.


Co Education Director

I am pumped to be a part of Generation Ratify VA and make sure that the ERA gets ratified once and for all! As Co-Education Director, I will be working to create educational materials all about the ERA and work to create and establish partnerships with other organizations and companies. Outside of GRVA, I have a fashion and lifestyle blog, I am the Director of Photography for my high school yearbook, and love hanging out with my friends and family! I can’t wait for all the exciting work to be done with GRVA!